CrossFit : Hot or Not?

By on November 10, 2013

Rhabdomyolysis…ever heard of it? Good because it only happens in like 1 out of every 100,000 patients or so, unless you’re an outdoor boot-camp style CrossFitter! Yes that’s right, this extremely rare muscular condition is so commonplace with Bootcamp CrossFitters  that as early as 2005 the New York Times wrote a piece entitled “Getting Fit, Even If It Kills You.” and more recently an excellent piece was written in the Healthy Living section of the HuffPost.

CrossFit is not the problem because philosophically it is another great form of cardio that makes exercising more fun (fun may not be the right word, but more interesting than plodding along on a piece of cardio equipment). The problem is when the instructors design the course or routing with exceedingly heavy props like a Truck Tire, sledge hammer or Beer Keg as seen in pic associated with this post.

There is no such thing as “good form” as this outdoor and indoor gymnasium style of exercise seems to throw all the “smarter not harder” science we learned in the 90’s out the window! Just look at this UTube video at some of these rediculouse attempts at “exercise” and tell me what you think.

So how does a regimen that is so damaging, gain followers at a higher rate than they lose through injuries!? People still believe you have to kill yourself to get in shape!

That’s actually one of the reasons I started this website called The Fitness Answer Man, to clarify the confusion about Diet and (hello) Exercise. Many of you may not know that I was a Master Fitness Trainer in the United States Army many years ago, back in the day where you only had cases of Rhabdomyolysis in soldiers going through the “Extreme Survival” courses, like the Navy Seals and Ranger courses or from Olympic level athletes that pushed themselves too far.

One of the silly arguments CrossFit trainers will say is that people don’t use dumbbells or weight machines in the real world so why would you exercise with them? Well last time I checked average client or patient I work with doesn’t carry a Truck Tire or Keg around with them either!


About TheFitnessAnswerMan

The Fitness Answer Man is the online personality founded by Kevin Forrest CPT, FMS Pro Trainer and Master Fitness Trainer for the US Military. He has worked in the fitness industry for 30 years and was one of the first trainers to incorporate the physio ball into people's workouts and helped pioneer in the field of "Core" training. He specializes in movement rehabilitation and uses his experience to help clarify the confusion about diet and exercise that still exists within the fitness industry today.

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