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By on November 16, 2013

The calorie in/calorie out weight loss mantra is not just about your diet but your eating versus your exercise! Technically speaking Diet is only half of the equation because it is only on your “intake” of nutrients “calorie in”, eating less simply means less calories in, what about the “calorie out”, that only happens through movement.

That is where something called your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) comes in. If your current weight or health is not where you want it then you must cut back your “calorie in” by dieting and increase your “calorie out” through healthy exercise. So most of you may have heard that weight loss is 80% diet, well I will show you why that is logically and scientifically not accurate, aside from the fact that it contradicts the weight loss mantra of “calorie in/calorie out”. Read this excerpt from the Mayo clinic: 

Your weight is a balancing act…You can do that by reducing extra calories from food and beverages, and increasing calories burned through physical activity…Once you understand that equation, you’re ready to set your weight-loss goals and make a plan for reaching them…The key to successful weight loss is a commitment to making indefinite changes in your diet and exercise habits.

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Dieting is important because it does addresses the first half or the “calorie in” side of the of this Fitness Formula, but what about the “calorie out” side? You will still have to engage in some form of healthy exercise to properly address the “calorie out” side. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, and both are essential if you want to achieve sustained weight loss and achieve Health and Wellness.

Success at attaining and maintaining a toned and healthy Mind and Body is dependent upon finding the right balance between diet and exercise. That way you can ensure that you are taking in, and burning off, the right type and amount of calories each and every day.


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