Strength of Mind and Body

By on December 8, 2013

“A Strong Mind and Body”

There is a direct correlation between a strong mind and body. Physical strength improves your confidence, builds self-esteem and helps mold a healthier self-identity which allows you to conquer the fear and anxiety that leads to depression, phobias and panic attacks!

Improving your strength may be healthy for your muscles, tendons, joints and bones but new research reveals that it also increases the production of the neurotropic chemicals that helps control your emotions and moods while also generating new brain cell growth.

Strength training may have it’s roots in “body-building” but it has evolved into a form of exercise that not only maximizes the strength of your entire musculoskeletal structure but also optimizes overall brain functioning!


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The Fitness Answer Man is the online personality founded by Kevin Forrest CPT, FMS Pro Trainer and Master Fitness Trainer for the US Military. He has worked in the fitness industry for 30 years and was one of the first trainers to incorporate the physio ball into people's workouts and helped pioneer in the field of "Core" training. He specializes in movement rehabilitation and uses his experience to help clarify the confusion about diet and exercise that still exists within the fitness industry today.

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