Musculoskeletal Exercise

By on March 2, 2015

Musculoskeletal  (the comprehensive category which includes strength, resistance and weight training) is any movement or activity that develops the strength, flexibility, balance or endurance of the musculoskeletal structure, or form, of your body.

Musculoskeletal exercise improves the conditioning of your muscles, tendons, joints and bones. This makes you more responsive, and less likely to fall (and less likely to break something if you do). It strengthens the connective tissue  and core stabilizers and enables you to get around in a pain-free manner as you age.

Musculoskeletal exercise helps in the weight loss arena by toning your muscles which increases your metabolic rate and consequently your daily caloric burn by anywhere around 200 calories on days that you don’t exercise!. This category of exercise consists of Circuit trainingPilates, Yoga, Gyrotonics, Core Training, Weight Training, Metabolic training, Crossfit, HITT, Functional Training, Kettlebells, body weight exercise and more….


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