“Genetics determine your bodies need for Fitness”

Genetics determine the size and shape of your body which is called your body type. It is the foundational determining factor that dictates your bodies need for, and response to, diet and exercise.

There are three body types (Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph) and each one requires a different amount of diet and exercise to remain fit and healthy. But no matter what type of body you have, all of our bodies function the same both inside and out.

From the internal flow that keeps us alive to the external form that gets us around, our bodies are designed to be in motion. Anything that restricts our flow or form diminishes the quality of our health.


blood flow

There are over 70 trillion cells that make up your body which is sustained by an electrodynamic flow of water, oxygen, energy and blood. This constant flow of nutrients throughout the body creates your metabolic rate.

Your body is an bio-electrochemical plant that can only function if there is an unrestricted flow of vital nutrients. Without the right type or proper amount of nutrients the cells of your body wither and die!

Diet restricts the bad stuff from getting into your body that weighs it down and clogs it up while exercise optimizes the strength and efficiency of your internal metabolic flow.



Your muscles, tendons and bones make up the external form of your body which is called your musculoskeletal structure. It provides the support, protection and movement of your body.

A heavier musculoskeletal structure usually comes with a higher percentage of body fat creating a thicker body type which is genetically geared to need more time and attention on fitness (diet and exercise).

An improper focus on “thin is in” or “you can do anything you put your mind to” can be unfair and discouraging to those whose bodies weren’t built to be skinny, run marathons or dance in a ballet!

Body Type – Weight Loss Type

You need to understand which type of body you have because it will help you understand what combination of diet and exercise is going to help you lose weight and get in shape.

The fashion and fitness industries mantra of “thin is in” is wrong but so too is the wanton disregard for the fact that excess body fat kills! (heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes etc…)

Fitness is not about changing who you are as a person, it is simply about finding which combination of diet and exercise will help you lose weight and keep your body functioning properly as you age!



Endomorphs generally have a rounded head and a pear shaped body with thicker hips and wider shoulders. This body type has a propensity to store body fat and requires more attention to diet and exercise.

The denser bones and thicker muscles enables them to excel in sports of pure strength like football and power lifting but limits them in agility and endurance sports like swimming, tennis or running.

The scale weight of this body type makes it unfair to judge their health by traditional charts and measures. They do better with diets that restrict fats and sugars and low-impact cardiovascular exercise.


Mesomorph Muscular

Mesomorphs have a wedge shaped body and a cubical head with broad shoulders, narrow hips and muscular arms and legs. This medium body type can lose fat and gain muscle with relative ease.

This medium build excels in almost any sport and responds well to diet and exercise. It is genetically structured to achieve 6-pack abs and be fit and healthy with a fair amount of diet and exercise.

The biggest problem in the fitness industry is that most trainers, athletes and fitness models have this body type so what worked for them is not necessarily what is going to work for you and your body type.


Ectomorphs have skinny bodies and more of a triangular head. Their high metabolic rates allow them to eat almost anything they want but their lean musculature makes it hard to put on muscle mass.

This body type gives birth to runners, swimmers, dancers and high fashion models who are all blessed with flat abs and long, lean muscles. These people are born to be skinny with little or no effort.

Unfortunately our cultures obsession with this body type has created an unhealthy focus on weight loss. Fitness is not about being skinny; it is about improving the quality and duration of your life!



Fitness is the mind-set of taking control of your health by applying the facts that help prevent and/or reduce the severity of damage of; time, poor genetics, bad habits and negative environmental conditions.

Each one of these can erode your physical and emotional health and ultimately destroy your happiness. Do not be led astray by false promises and infomercial hype that fitness is only about vanity.

The reality is that the quality of your health and duration of your life revolve around whether or not you understand and incorporate the Facts of Fitness into your life.