Wrist and Finger

The following three video’s are a comprehensive explanation of Hand, Wrist and Finger and Forearm stretches. The third guy is a little out there but I love the finishing martial arts finish! Then finally you will find an good video on Median nerve flossing.

This first video is a great explanation of how any repetitive use of the hand can increase muscle fatigue in the forearms, increasing your chance for tendinitis and other injuries. Stretch, ice, and compress!  Here is a quick walkthrough of 8 easy stretches you can do throughout the day and if you like this information his blog: http://www.bodymindconspiracy.com

This next video is better to actually follow along with pausing vid as needed! Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) & Core Strengthening Sequence for the muscles of the Forearm, Wrist, Hand, and Fingers. Strengthens opposing muscles. For more information if you like and latest in stretching technology, please visit us at http://www.smartstretch.com

This next video is mostly about stretching the fingers which benefits the joints, I just think maybe he’s done them a little too much! LOL This is a great hand yoga routine for stretching, strengthening, and healing your hands from arthritis or carpal tunnel. Since there are so many meridians which end at each finger and toe, energetically and holistically speaking, hand and toe yoga is very important and often overlooked. It’s also very unassuming so you can do hand yoga while waiting in line, sitting on a bus, or anytime no need for a yoga mat :) http://www.BangkokWingChun.com

The following video is on Median nerve flossing.