Lumbopelvic Region – Hips

For those who want to know how the structure of the Lumbopelvic region is formed the following video is a great explanation. Anyone who wants to understand why they may be experiencing pain in the low back, butt or radiating down the back of your legs needs to understand how all of this is related!

The previous video is a great view of how the bone structure of the Lumbopelvic region are formed and the following video shows you how those bones are held together and the culprits for any pain you are experiencing in this region!

The three video’s below are progressively more difficult, the first is a gentle Hip Loosening warm up video which is great for rehab and the less athletically inclined and the second is more for people wanting to be more healthy and prepare the body for exercise and the third is for those wanting to thrive at exercise!

And this is a comprehensive Hip Mobility Assessment!

This video is great for taking your hip health to the next level!

This is a quick sequence that I have my healthy hipped clients do. It really is essential to have a bench or something solid to hold on to as in the video below!