Cervical Spine – Neck

In today’s fast paced digital age of online social media and multiple devices that can connect you to the world, our cervical spine and neck are continuously being strained by looking down. First it was computers but now even worse we have portable devices to constantly be looking at and these devices are even lower than our computer screens at home and at work! So is it any wonder that we are experiencing an unprecedented amount of Neck Pain considering we aren’t even looking up as we are walking down the street or driving! Look around you and you will see everyone on the sidewalks and driving looking down at their devices…are you right now?

So if you are experiencing neck pain right now then you must watch this video even though it is a tad bit long. While you are watching the movement of the neck bones, nerves and blood vessels you need to understand that it is the muscles that give it that movement and hold the structure together properly. Tight and weak muscles due to stress and injury do not allow this intricate structure to function properly which impinges nerves and squashes the discs which in turn press on the nerves causing the pain you feel! The stretches and exercises on the following page allows this delicate structure to function in a pain-free manner.