Scapular Mobility

Thoracic Spine

(The section of your spine at the mid back lung/rib cage region)


Your ribcage is anchored at your thoracic spine and any pressure change between your Scapular mobility and stabilization will pull at your neck and mid spine or your Thoracic Spine.

When you push or pull, cough, laugh or sneeze there is an immediate intense shift in pressure throughout your neck and mid back.

Knowing how all of these muscles interact and relate to one another can help you understand what you need to do to keep this region of your body healthy and pain free.

Stretches to keep your Thoracic spine loose and mobile

Shoulder Roll : Stretches muscles around your shoulder girdleScapular mobility 4

Stand with feet shoulder width apart or sit on a ball or chair

Lift both shoulders upwards towards your ears as high as you can

Pull/Roll shoulders backwards lifting the chest up as they go back

Down and around to the front, bring them forward and back up 

Repeat 3 to 6 times to loosen the entire shoulder girdle




Scapula Elevation : Shoulders move up towards ears

Stand or sit on a ball or chair

Lift both shoulders upwards as high as you can

This is the first motion in “Shoulder Roll” listed above 

You can raise and lower shoulders several times to

Help loosen shoulder girdle


Scapula Retraction : Shoulder blades squeeze to spineimgres-1

Stand or sit on a ball or chair

Both shoulders pulled back towards spine

Pull shoulders back as you lift chest upwards

Lift chest up as you squeeze shoulders back and down into…


Scapula DepressionShoulders should be here during most exercises

Stand or sit on a ball or chair

imgresLift both shoulders upwards towards ears 

Pull/Roll both shoulders backwards lifting chest

As shoulders roll backward into this

“Retracted position” squeeze shoulder blades downward

As though you could slide them into your back pockets

This is “Seating” your scaps

Shoulders should be held here during most exercises


Scapula Depression w/raised arms

Keep Scaps “Seated” while lifting arms CE's-TS-ScapRetraction-Phase2

Lift both elbows and arms upwards 

Keep/Pull/Roll shoulders back and down

Slide them into you back pockets and hold

Hold in this position when doing most exercises


Scapula Retraction w/resistance

CE's-TS-Exe-ScapRetStand or sit on a ball or chair

Reach out in front of you and grab a resistance

Pull back with arms straight out in front of you

Like in “Scapula Depression” listed above and then

Squeeze shoulders back with arms still straight

When shoulders are fully at squeezed at spine

You can pull elbows backwards as in pic to right

Extend forward and squeeze back with elbow followthrough 6 – 10 times

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